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About Me

Hello there, I’m Avaxar! A couple other names people use on me: Avax, AvaxarXapaxa, Wax (Don’t call me that), AVATARXapaxa (An old name. Better to not use that). I’m a hobbyist programmer doing programming and sometimes (barely) electronics for fun. If you found this website, you probably got it from stalking my GitHub or other social media accounts. My pronoun is he/him but I am fine being called with they/them if the speaker doesn’t know my pronoun. I am from a country which probably most western people don’t know other than one of its islands which is a common tourist place, Indonesia. One of my first encounters with programming was with Scratch, that drag and drop programming “language”. I used to use Python a lot with a multimedia-windowing module known as pygame that wraps SDL (It’s NOT a game engine. Most people say that it is, but it ISN’T), but nowadays I primarily use C++ with SDL (I used to use SFML. I now use SDL because of its Emscripten compatibility). PRs are welcome for grammar fixes or some rephrasing.


I suck with making full on projects, usually play around making prototypes which often fail. But if you’re interested, I do have a couple of projects I succeeded in making here.


You can send a friend request to me on Discord (Avaxar#6412), although expect me to unfriend you after a while. You can also join the Kithare Discord server, a server I own for the community place and development of Kithare. Don’t feel awkward to contact me and using casual wording is fine, I’m not some guy with a business suit.

psst.. I use Mint btw